Download A Compilation Of Tracks From A Very Young Kanye West

Long before he rose to fame as one of Roc-A-Fella’s in-house producers, Kanye West was one of many young Chicago rappers and producers trying to get on. For a while, Kanye was part of a local music company called Kon-Man Productions, which put him in a group called the Go-Getters. (GLC, a College Dropout-era crony of Kanye’s, was also in the group.) The group never made an album or anything, but they did record a bunch of stray tracks, and Kon-Man put together many of those stray tracks into a compilation called World Record Holders about 10 years ago. Many of those tracks eventually made their way to the internet, and now Fake Shore Drive has posted all of World Record Holders as a free download. The 13-song comp features a whole lot of Kanye, as well as fellow Chicago scene standbys like Rhymefest and Mikkey Halstead, and you can download all of it here. Then you can work on figuring out how someone went from this to Yeezus.