New Takka Takka Video – “Silence”

In this Amy Finkel-directed video for Takka Takka’s “Silence,” the Brooklyn quintet’s dreamy little song (with guest instrumentation via the National’s Bryan Devendorf and Lee Sargent of CYHSY) is transformed into the backdrop for a war between Lilliputian toy soldiers and their various forms of weaponry (cannons, helicopters, guns). It’s a bit reminiscent of Ratatat’s “Mirando,” but played by the plastic cast of Ben Folds’s “Hiroshima.” Toward the end, a group of woodsy animals who find themselves in the path of destruction get together for a little end-of-the-world party, which can’t help but echo Bowerbirds’ “In Our Talons.” All to say: Very zeitgeist guys. The most interesting move: The miniature war takes place on/against actual bodies and their skin, armpit hair, toes, imperfections, inhalations. Listen closely to the lyrics and you’ll get it.

That parrot with the easel’s making the Migration album art. You can see a thumb of it here while you listen to the video sans images. Also, that final marshmallow roast reminded me to revisit Takka’s “The Takers,” which ended up on our Memorial Day Mix.

Migration is out via Ernest Jenning.