Kwes. – “36”

The London-based singer and producer Kwes. has made a name for himself by fusing elegant, inward-looking R&B with heady, IDM-infused bass music, like a less white version of James Blake. After releasing the Meantime EP and the “Rollerblades” single last year, he’s now announced plans for his debut album ilp, set to arrive this fall. The album’s first single is the prettily echo-laden “36,” perhaps the most accessible and immediate song that Kwes. has yet released. Listen to it and check out the album’s tracklist below.

01 “purplehands”
02 “36”
03 “rollerblades”
04 “cablecar”
05 “flower”
06 “hives”
07 “broke”
08 “chagall”
09 “parakeet”
10 “b_shf_l”

Ilp is out 10/15 on Warp.

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