Watch Fiona Apple Sing “I Know” In A Living Room And Cut Her Own Hair

At this point, everything Fiona Apple does in public view feels like a small miracle, so you don’t question it; you just go with it. Apple is heading out on tour this fall with the L.A. singer-songwriter Blake Mills, and today, Mills’s label Record Collection posted video of Apple and Mills singing an acoustic version of “I Know” — one of the many, many great songs from Apple’s 1999 album When The Pawn… — in a living room, while Apple holds an unidentified elderly lady’s hand. OK, sure! The label also posted video of Apple, possibly high, cutting her own hair in a bathroom mirror while wearing one of those facemask things, making goofy faces, and muttering to herself. Why not? Watch them both below!

(via Pitchfork)

Man, if you haven’t listened to When The Pawn… lately, do that.