Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

It’s Amrit Singh’s last day at He’s going to Work For Diddy! Amrit was the first writer I hired for Stereogum many years ago, and he quickly became an invaluable part of the operation. He even left behind a law career to do so, so YOU’RE WELCOME AMRIT’S PARENTS. You know him as a passionate, thoughtful writer and an early champion of many of the bands we cover most closely around here. Amrit is also an award-winning filmmaker, a compelling TV personality, a skilled DJ, an exacting foodie, and one of my closest friends. And he has been mistaken for Prince at the airport. Twice! Very cool, Amrit! His talent, drive, and curiosity will continue to take him far. I’ll Be Missing You, bro. #SummertimeSadness Read Amrit’s goodbye here. It is quite moving even though he failed to make it a 10 item countdown like I asked. Then call your cable operator to request Revolt TV! But first let’s see the best and worst things you wrote this week…


#10 crania americana | Aug 15th Score:10

I was reading Aqua’s Wikipedia page one day –– because that’s the kind of thing I do –– and it surprised me to learn that there was crazy drama in that band. I think the girl and the bald guy were a couple but then she and the spiky haired guy had an affair. Anyway it was crazy, some real Fleetwood Mac shit. They were not “Happy Boys and Happy Girls” after all.

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#9 michael_ | Aug 15th Score:10

Blocked on my browser, saying that it’s “Pornography.” So it must be really good.

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#7 KiDCHAIR | Aug 14th Score:11

Is it just me or has Yuck only gotten BETTER without Blumberg??

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#6 raptor jesus | Aug 9th Score:12

You put Mumford & Sons at #1 and didn’t even list MGMT’s video?

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#5 raptor jesus | Aug 13th Score:13

Good news everybody.

I pre-ordered this LP last Monday and it was on my doorstep this past Saturday. Seems that Sup Pop remembers how to do pre-orders. It even came with a bonus 7? containing “Pull You Down” / “Exit”, the latter being what I guess was supposed to be the minute and a half outro to compliment the intro “Entrance”.

My favorite part of this album is how every song floats/drifts into the next. Cut Copy has done this incredibly well on their recent albums, so maybe when Washed Out toured with them they took a page from their book.

Tom’s third paragraph hits on why I love this album so much. Two years ago “Within and Without” was the perfect soundtrack to summer. When I first heard “Paracosm” I was really happy to know he had crafted yet another great summer album.

I’m pretty sure that anybody who has liked Washed Out before will have no problem with this album. I agree it’s nothing spectacular, but it serves its purpose incredibly well.

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#4 seanpen15 | Aug 15th Score:14

Surely you’re not suggesting that people just let things go, not on the internet.

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#3 Zygmunt | Aug 9th Score:14

Deconstructing: Facebook Logins and Comment Section Gentrification

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#2 crania americana | Aug 10th Score:15

Whew. Wild week. After this whole Death Grips debacle I needed to do some soul searching, so I went for a long walk and I totally ran into Zach Hill. I didn’t know what to say or do so I panicked and asked him for an autograph. When he handed me the piece of paper I noticed it wasn’t an autograph at all –– it was a set of directions. So I followed the Zach Hill autograph/directions which led to an abandoned warehouse. I entered the warehouse, unimpeded by the musty stench and creepy creaks, and began to look around. Suddenly, a raccoon emerged from a pile of metal shavings and bit me seven times. After I fought off the raccoon, I exited the warehouse and went to the hospital. After a painful series of shots, I headed home and crafted a sternly worded email to Hill. But before I hit send, I realized that the raccoon bites WERE THE AUTOGRAPH. Well done, Death Grips; confounding expectations yet again.

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#1 sd | Aug 15th Score:18

Wait, there are people who have a problem with “All I want for christmas is you?”

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#5 adddo | Aug 15th Score:-5

Nice raps, but he needs to add some inflection and emphasis into his delivery. On a lot of these verses he sounds like the kid in class who moves his lips when he reads silently.

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#4 lieutenant wine | Aug 9th Score:-6

Keep swimming in that barrel, kids, I’m reloading.

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#3 carcrashkiss | Aug 15th Score:-10

I’m with you oddist. She’s the worst. Claiming autenticity while playing fucking Mariah Carey at Boiler Room!. FUCK HER.

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#2 oddist | Aug 15th Score:-12

Lulz at the fanboys downvoting me. Truth hurts?

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#1 lieutenant wine | Aug 15th Score:-14

No surprise here. You listen to shit music, you create shit music. She knows the fucking freaks on sites like this will defend her every action. Pulling “endearing” stunts like this is how she remains on your radar.

Listen to me, weirdos: “Random, fun pop songs” are for morons. This has always been true and nothing will change that. “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey is a terrible song. It’s a piece of shit and is not enjoyable in any way, unless you’re a child or a mental midget. Playing it in a DJ set -in AUGUST- is inexcusable, and anybody who does so should be legally banned from ever handling a turntable for the rest of their life.

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Brandon LeMaster | Aug 10th Score:2

I know some people are tired of seeing these lists, but I think they are amazing and I’ve learned a ton. As a music nerd, there is so much music out there that I mean to get to and never do. These lists help fix that.

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