Who Needs Coachella?

Thanks for the birthday wishes, viral videos, and and links to your shitty bands (just kidding!). You ALL neglected to mention that it was also Roland’s birthday. You know, Roldand Gift. From the Fine Young Cannibals? Happy belated Roland!

Fine Young Cannibals – “She Drives Me Crazy” (MP3)

Someone mash that please!

Sleater-Kinney is back, and Dave Fridmann hasn’t turned them into Mercury Rev. Download this awesomeness.
Sleater-Kinney – “Entertain” (MP3)

Stream new Spoon. More tunes added daily until release day.

Glen Phillips live show (flac & MP3) includes requisite Björk cover. (Link via Largehearted Boy, who’s been breaking out a million great Warren Zevon links over the last few weeks.)

On his upcoming solo thing TheFutureEmbrace, Billy Corgan duets with Robert Smith on the Bee Gees’ “To Love Somebody.” Anyone got an MP3? In the meantime, download Billy’s “A100″ here. (That was one of yesterday’s comments section bday presents. Thanks reader.)

The Ghost That Feeds = NIN Vs Ray Parker Jr.

Some new CDs I’ve been meaning to write about: The Sun, White Out w/ Jim O’Rourke, Dungen reissue, Marbles, Ryan Adams (stream at Scenestars), Sufjan Stevens (so Ill), Eric Matthews/Cardinal, and, er, Weezer (yes “Beverly Hills” is the worst song on it). Look for Stereogum love for those next week.

Montreal Canada’s Broken Social Scene never stops breeding. Stars, Feist, Apostle Of Hustle … I can’t keep up. Now singer/guitarist/vocalist Amy Milan is readying a solo album. Expect a mix of “bluegrass and country with pop.”

Those who griped about my dis of Shins’ opening act the Brunettes … you’re right. They weren’t bad. But my concert companion hated them and I couldn’t pay attention. Sorry Brunettes!

It’s so sad when bands have to change their name. Dios was better than Dios Malos. And the handy UK suffix (see Charlatans, Suede) is always dreadful. But lawyers will be lawyers. Caribou (formerly Manitoba) and Supersystem (formerly El Guapo) discuss…

Supersystem guitarist Rafael Cohen (via The Onion AV Club):

“There’s another El Guapo based in Chicago. They have a Budweiser sponsorship, and they’ve done some commercials for McDonald’s. They’re awful; they sound like Blink-182, but with Spanish lyrics.”

Electronica artist Dan Snaith (via Time Out New York):

“It would’ve cost me half a million dollars to fight [Dictators frontman Handsome Dick Manitoba] … I literally picked it off of a map. It’s the name of a Canadian province. This is like someone named Bob Smith suing the Smiths.”

Caribou plays Bowery 5/4 and Northsix 5/5.

Posie Jon Auer can be heard on two new indie tribute records: Friends And Lovers: Songs of Bread (also features Josh Rouse, Call And Response, Erlend Oye) and A Tribute To The Cars (also features Jason Falkner, Gigolo Aunts, and your least favorite Vassar alums the Bravery).

About that You Might Be An Indie-Yuppie If… contest: I promise we are thisclose to picking a winner. And by “we” I mean Lindsay who I selected to be the guest judge. Also you have a few more days to Photoshop the Foo Fighters.

Just discovered: Just Jared. Good stuff.

Sex advice from bloggers.

Katie Cruise. Katie Holmes-Cruise. Katie Noelle Holmes-Cruise… Yes I Googled “katie holmes middle name.” I give ‘em two weeks. (Katie’s been planning this publicity stunt for decades.)

New Order performed “Love Will Tear Us Apart” On Kimmel. Here is the Windows Media video link. (Thanks Ultra.) Previous Stereogum love for that song here.

Gang of Four (who are releasing a new CD later this year) have a new version of “To Hell With Poverty” at iTunes. While you’re there, Stereogum recommends dropping 99cents for the exclusive “strings” mix of Ben Folds’ “Landed.”

Watch a clip from The Baxter. It’s a new movie featuring our favorite State guys and others from Wet Hot American Summer. Craig Wedren does the music.

ifuckedanncoulterintheasshard.blogspot.com/. Yikes.

I’ve never had any interest in Star Wars (sorry), but some of you do. Three Vader virals: (1) Orange “Gold Spot,” (2) Annakin’s testes go for $24, (3) Darth: The Blog. George Lucas is gonna cameo on The O.C. in a few weeks.

Arjan posts an Annie remix and asks her if she reads Stereogum! (She doesn’t read it. Bitch.)

Liam Gallagher surveys the UK music scene…

  • Alex Kapranos = “fucking Right Said Fred”
  • Kaiser Chiefs = “a bad Blur”
  • Bloc Party = “a band off University Challenge, like they’re sitting on a panel or something.”
Link via Whatevs. Sorta sad Liam’s still insulting the competition to publicize new Oasis.

More music palindromes: I forgot Missy Elliott’s “Work It” chorus. If you think of more, let us know.

NY Times warns of iPod thefts on the NYC subway: “devotees suggest keeping the devices concealed and switching to cheaper-looking earphones.” But then people won’t know you spent $500 on a space age walkman! Conundrum, I know.

We can’t handle their truth.

By request:
Kompressor – “You Will Call Me Kompressor” (MP3)

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