New Juliana Hatfield Video – “This Lonely Love”

After watching her scowl on album covers and mumble through interviews for the past twenty years, you’d be forgiven for thinking Juliana Hatfield is so profoundly sad (Mad Men reference, you guys). But I’ve been reading her online diary, and have learned that she’s a regular gal who loves baseball and hates Heidi Montag and doesn’t particularly enjoy the company of humans. Okay, that part is indeed sad, but she has music to keep her company. That’s the gist of this new single and the low budg clip for it. PFur Richard Butler shares vocals on the chorus, but Juliana flies solo in the video, bopping around Cambridge to her Discman/Walkman/iPod/boombox.

How To Walk Away (also featuring sad/terrific “So Alone” and “My Baby…“) is available on iTunes now. Her memoir, When I Grow Up, is out 9/22. Season 4 of the The Hills premieres Monday.