Stream A Pregnant Light Stars Will Fall (Stereogum Premiere)

Another demo, another collection of beauties from recent Stereogum Band To Watch A Pregnant Light. When we last heard new material from APL, Deathless Maranatha’s one-man black metal band was heading further into post-punk territory, throwing massive nod-along riffs into the mix with APL’s own brand of metal. That demo, Domination Harmony, was a sort of statement album — it was the first time APL had used clean vocals, the closing track was titled “The Pregnant Life,” and the band declared itself to be playing “purple metal.” Stars Will Fall largely continues down the path laid out by Domination Harmony, further exploring where post-punk and metal (mostly a variation of black metal) meet. Savor this, it will be the last new A Pregnant Light material until the upcoming debut full-length, and act fast if you want a copy — it’s out today on Colloquial Sound Recordings and limited to 66 copies on tape. Listen on headphones in order to pick up on the intricacies, and whatever you do don’t miss Deathless Maranatha unleashing some Manilla Road vocals around the five-minute mark of “Stars Will Fall.”