Matthew E. White – “Hot Hot Hot”

Matthew E. White’s magnificent 2012 debut LP, Big Inner, probably didn’t get the attention it deserved, but to the credit of all parties involved, it remains an active priority well into 2013. After being released last August on White’s own Spacebomb Records, it was picked up by influential indie Domino and re-released this past January. And now, Domino is re-issuing an expanded version of the LP, due in October, called Big Inner: Outer Face Edition, which packages the original 7-song LP with a new 5-song EP. Normally this kind of stuff reeks of opportunism, but I can’t think of many albums more deserving of sustained attention than Big Inner, and the fact that the enhanced version is nearly twice the size of the original suggests that this is as much for old fans as for potential new ones. We’ve got a song from the EP to share today, called “Hot Hot Hot,” which provides a fine showcase for White’s tremendous baritone and adventurous compositional sense, which brings together elements of psychedelia, Afrobeat, folk, funk, and more, not as a postmodernist mashup, but as a potent, organic, singular and strange musical vision. There’s good reason to be excited about whatever comes after Big Inner, but irrespective of all that, White’s debut is an album worth discovering and re-discovering. Listen to “Hot Hot Hot” now; get Big Inner: Outer Face Edition details below; and absolutely check out Cole’s great interview with White from June.

Big Inner: Outer Face Edition tracklist:

Big Inner:

1. One Of These Days
2. Big Love
3. Will You Love Me
4. Gone Away
5. Steady Pace
6. Hot Toddies
7. Brazos

Outer Face:

1. Eyes Like The Rest
2. Signature Move
3. Human Style
4. In The Valley
5. Hot Hot Hot

Big Inner: Outer Face Edition is out 10/21 via Domino.