Matador To Paste Ad Sales: “Fuck You”

Matador Records writes in its latest newsletter…

Finally, we’d like to offer a shout-out (ie. “fuck you”) to the cowards and thought-cops at the Ad Dept at Paste Magazine who have deemed our proposed advertisement for ‘Face The Truth’ to be beyond the bounds of “good taste.” God forbid that anything might challenge the sensibilities of Paste’s Yep Roc-loving, Starbucks-guzzling, Wes Anderson-worshipping readership. Seriously, if there’s anything we or SM have done that is a poor fit with Paste’s Ad Dept’s narrow worldview, that is the highest compliment we’ve been paid since the last time Spin refused to run one of our ads.

The ad in question: Click.

Stereogum hearts Matador even more now. In addition to Malkmus, make sure to pick up the new scintillating 3-disc Yo La Tengo comp.

You can still win a subscription to Paste and the new O.C. mix CD by writing something witty here.