Glasser – “Shape”

Cameron Mesirow records floaty, splintered, bass-heavy pop music as Glasser, and her 2010 debut album Ring was a tingly, evocative, and deeply underrated piece of work. It’s been a long minute since we’ve heard anything new from her, but today, she debuted the track “Shape,” which sounds like what might’ve happened if Homogenic-era Björk has somehow traveled through time and played around with the lonely, skeletal synths of 2013 street-rap. It’s a great song, and you can hear it and read some words from Mesirow below.

Mesirow writes:

I have been thinking a lot about space. Not only outer space and physical boundaries, but also inner mental space. There are so many beginnings and endings and edges and shores inside and outside our minds. Some are impossible to scale and they make us feel small. I feel small and far removed at times, and I push myself farther away in a kind of compulsion. These are physical comforts I cling to, but always when I cling to them I realize that the isolation I’m afraid of is in my heart and not on a crowded sidewalk. I also have moments of ecstasy, milestones that drive me forward in search of more. These emotions and sensations elude me though, they seem to exist in their own seperate planes. I still chase them. I can become so mesmerized by something outside myself, a person or place that I try to reflect its power and the way it makes me feel.

This is why I feel so lucky to be able to make art, especially music. My experiences flow together and become the stuff of invention. I spent the last year and a half making my new album, which will come out in October. I thought about architecture, a physical imposition in my life, and the fluid emotional boundaries of relationships, also sometimes imposed.

More news to come, in the meantime, enjoy “SHAPE”

A new Glasser album is coming in October from True Panther.

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