PAPA – “Young Rut” Video

L.A. duo PAPA have released a NORTON-directed clip for their cut “Young Rut” and it begs for me to talk about some overlapping themes in music videos from this summer. This one starts off at a laundromat, which immediately reminded me of the Postal Service’s visual treatment for Give Up bonus track “A Line Of Tattered String.” No big deal, the laundromat is a pretty useable locale. But then, a pair of pants and a collared shirt from two different laundry carts appear to begin to want to court one another and their movements immediately recalled the sleeping bag couple in Grooms’ recent video for “I Think We’re Alone Now.” But again, like the laundromat set, this is the kind of medium that totally begs for any- and everything, so do you, video director, make the two people’s clothes venture out in to a relationship with each other. But then the clothes, like the sleeping bags before them, consummate their relationship. Are there more of these? Is this not just a coincidence but a trend? Someone please explain this to me. But “Young Rut” is a jam, so you should check out the video below. Just know you’ve been warned it features scenes of unwashed clothes getting, well remaining, dirty.

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