Watch Green Day Play All Of Dookie In London

After the rock-opera bloat, the Broadway sojourn, the public tantrum and rehab stint, and the general public indifference to the three-albums-in-one-year stunt, it’s probably not a bad idea for the former scabby punks in Green Day to remind people of why they liked the band in the first place. At a show at London’s Brixton Academy two nights ago, the three guys in the band (who, notably, did not appear to be rocking eyeliner) played Dookie, their 1994 breakout album, front-to-back. Before the onslaught started, Billy Joe Armstrong noted that the album turns 20 next year, so who knows, maybe they’re planning a tour like this. Or maybe it was just a glorious one-off. Either way, a fan filmed the entire thing an uploaded it to YouTube, and you can watch it below.

(vai the AV Club)

Hands up, everyone who totally forgot how good this album is. (They also played a bunch of other songs at the show; this wasn’t the whole thing.)

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