Watch The Trailer For Memphis, Starring Willis Earl Beal

The Memphis outsider-soul howler is getting set to release a new album called Nobody knows., and we’ve already posted his songs “Everything unwinds.” and “Too Dry To Cry,” as well as his non-album Lana Del Rey response “Black Beauty.” But that LP isn’t the only thing Beal has going on. He’s the star of a new film called Memphis, from Pavilion director Tim Sutton. Fittingly enough, Beal plays an outsider artist, and he also wrote and recorded the movie’s soundtrack. The entire rest of the cast is made up of non-actors found around the titular Tennessee city. The whole thing looks very Beasts Of The Southern Wild, and you can watch a trailer below.

(via SPIN)

Memphis makes its debut 8/31 at the Venice Film Festival. Meanwhile, Nobody knows. is out 9/10 on XL.