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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

My sentimental favorite this week is SD’s video for the “New World Order” remix, with Danny Brown, mostly because I can’t ever imagine myself getting tired of seeing Danny Brown, drunk and shirtless, too-tight tight pants sagging and hair blowing out, in a kitchen surrounded by Chicago teenage goons, having a wonderful time. That guy! Good at life! I don’t know if I can actually recommend that one as a good music video, though. So I picked five other good music videos, and they’re below.

5. Sophia Knapp – “Close To Me” (Dir. Daniel Katz)

Those cars! I mean, Jesus. Somebody please buy me all of those cars. I will be your best friend.

4. Night Beds – “Ramona” (Dir. Abraham Vilchez-Moran)

The whole mumblecore aesthetic didn’t necessarily need to cross over into the music-video world, but it can work, in the right hands. This one doesn’t exactly move along at the breezy clip, and vast stretches of it drive me nuts. (Like: Hug your kid. Come on, son.) But the acting alone is way, way beyond what you’d expect to see in something like this, and the cinematography is absolutely boss.

3. The So So Glos – “Lost Weekend” (Dir. ?)

With all the hi-def chipped-tooth dirtbag swagger on display in this video, I feel like I’m watching a Rancid video. And if you know anything about me, you know that this is a vast, monumental compliment.

2. Spiritualized – “I Am What I Am” (Dir. AG Rojas)

Music-video suicides: They never turn out quite the way you expect. Rojas deserves serious credit for casting an angelic Culkin kid and still conjuring levels of meth-squalor that make most Breaking Bad episodes look downright pleasant.

1. Major Lazer – “Scare Me” (Feat. Peaches & Timberlee) (Dir. Brandon Dermer)

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that every music video would be better if it had Lauren London stabbing Blake from Workaholics. I’m just going to tell you that most of them would.