Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

This week we reviewed new releases from Earl Sweatshirt, Superchunk, and Gucci Mane, and revisited an old one from Modest Mouse. We spoke to Gambles, Kathleen Hanna, Empire Of The Sun, and Franz Ferdinand. We named PUP a Band To Watch and Deconstructed Lauryn Hill’s rise and fall. We ranked Neil Young Albums From Worst To Best and the 10 Best Soundgarden Songs (and did not include “Black Hole Sun” — you’re welcome, Anthony Jeselnik). Check out your best and worst responses to all the stories below, and join us here Sunday night so we can all watch and goof on the MTV Video Music Awards together, as a family. We’ll kick things off around 8PM.



Bryan Akerley | Aug 22nd Score:9

Sounds kinda like Walt Jr. rapping.

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#9 michael_ | Aug 16th Score:10

In before I start tearing up.

But for realz, when you say “music writer,” I say “Amrit Singh” and a few other Stereogum originals from over the years. To say Amrit has not been a huge inspiration on how I DIY unread words about music would be a huge understatement. You don’t have to regurgitate a press release when writing about a new song or video or album, and true fact: Amrit, your music scribe poetry is probably THE biggest influence on all my less-well-thought musings in my own blog universe. I mean, I basically started writing a blog because I didn’t feel that people were saying enough about a song, instead opting to just churn out content, and I wanted to do the school of Singh some justice.

8 years, and glad to have been a voyeur for every one of them. No luck needed in the future.

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#8 billy corgan when he had hair | Aug 16th Score:10

I’m not gonna lie I actually teared up while reading this, and the comments. It’s probably that Dr Who gif’s fault. Good luck!!!!!

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Ben Cornell | Aug 16th Score:10

Amrit, it’s been a pleasure reading your words. Happy trails, dude.

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#6 Renaton | Aug 22nd Score:11

Best song about game Angry Birds ever.

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#5 Michael Nelson | Aug 22nd Score:11

And now he’s DOWNVOTING me?! This guy!

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#4 drgonzo | Aug 21st Score:12

Excellent write up. Modest Mouse is an intensely personal band for me, and my group of friends each had our own favorite album. One friend, a guy who insisted that Pablo Honey was the best thing Radiohead had ever done and sounded uncannily like the guy from Plain White Ts when playing in his power pop band, is convinced Good News for People Who Love Bad News was the best rock album of the last decade. Another friend who grew up skateboarding loved The Moon and Antarctica, helped along by P4k reviews that talked about things like Isaac Brock spinning new creation myths. As for me, I’ve been obsessed with “Talking Shit About a Pretty Sunset” for years now, it was the first song I ever learned to play all the way through on guitar, and having transplanted from a small mountain town to a mid-size city I always identified with the restless loneliness in This Is A Long Drive.

The Lonesome Crowded West is a different beast. One of my best friends and roommate was the biggest Modest Mouse fan I knew, he had all their albums as well as stuff like Building Nothing Out of Something and side projects like Ugly Casanova. But Lonesome Crowded West was his unquestioned favorite. He just identified with its visceral ragged edges I suppose. He passed about two years ago of an overdose. I can still listen to most of the stuff we both liked no problem (Broken Social Scene, My Morning Jacket, Flaming Lips) but Lonesome Crowded West is just something else. It’s too close. I can almost hear him singing along horribly off key whenever I listen to it, so I’ve been avoiding it. I dunno what I’m getting at here, maybe I should just try to listen to it again. And I’m sorry this is so damn long. Again, good write up, it obviously got me thinking.

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Chad D’Entrone | Aug 22nd Score:15

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#2 kevie bizzle | Aug 16th Score:18

Amrit it’s Broydrick. I haven’t been on in a few weeks because I can’t seem to log in through facebook anymore for some reason. But I had to get on and tell you how much I’ve appreciated your thoughtfulness and your sense of humor since I started visiting a couple years ago. revolt sounds like a great opportunity and the kind of thing that will be right up our collective alley (wow that sounds dirty…).

Be well man, I’ma try and keep in touch.


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#1 thefiddleisridiculous | Aug 22nd Score:24

part of me was hoping there would be no death grips song here

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#5 lieutenant wine | Aug 20th Score:-6

If M.I.A. insists on ruining great songs, can’t she at least make her failures interesting? Oh well, maybe she’ll make up for her lack of tolerable music by shooting even more children in the head.

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#4 miguelito1 | Aug 21st Score:-6

umm, ok, i take your point. so was it like a white high school in the middle of nowhere filled with simple morons?

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#3 miguelito1 | Aug 20th Score:-7

A high school where people listened to nsync? Sorry, I can’t imagine that. I’m pretty sure you’re thinking of elementary school. Wait, was this a religious high school for Japanese girls where they only allowed very limited exposure to pop culture?

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#2 mr. humphries | Aug 20th Score:-7

Why in the name of fuck is an “indie” site reporting nsync?

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#1 miguelito1 | Aug 20th Score:-8

This reminds me of people who think that because they’re gay, that everyone has “a little bit of gay” in them. I was in high school in the late 90s and people paid even less attention to Nsync than, say Smash mouth or Sugar Ray. Perhaps you’re confusing high school and elementary school?

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xnauth | Aug 20th Score:2

I always hate how when websites or blogs are making “Best Albums of the 80?s” lists that “Songs From The Big Chair” gets left out. Seriously such a classic. Their growth from “The Hurting” to that album is monumental, and they could sure make some sounds and work an equalizer like no other band could.

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