The Beets – “Silver Nickels And Golden Dimes” (Howard Stern Cover)

Back in 2011, shock jock Howard Stern caught wind of Queens-via-Uruguay garage punks (and huge Stern fans) the Beets. He played some of their music on his show, noting (in a good way) that their music reminded him of his 6th grade psych band. Today, the Beets have released a cover of “Silver Nickels And Golden Dimes,” one of Stern’s middle school band’s tracks, from a 7″ of Stern covers. If you’re in a garage rock band and have no qualms about getting your fame from a network television competition, today might be the day to sign up for America’s Got Talent auditions. Check out “Silver Nickels” below.

“Silver Nickels And Golden Dimes”/”Psychedelic Bee” is out in October from Hardly Art.