Dean Wareham – “Love Is Colder Than Death”

Dean Wareham, the former frontman of Galaxie 500 and Luna, is probably more famous for his warm, gauzy guitar tone than for anything else. But he’s also one of the great hangdog, insinuating vocalists in indie rock history — a guy who took the Lou Reed streetwise-mumble thing and somehow made it cuddly. That side of Wareham is very much in evidence on “Love Is Colder Than Death,” the A-side of the solo 7″ single that Wareham just released. The Papercuts’ Jason Quever produced the song, which sounds like an old standard rendered in reverby Lee Hazlewood torch-song style. Listen to it below.

(via Pitchfork)

The “Love Is Colder Than Death” b/w “She Went Walking In The Rain” 7″ is out now on Double Feature.