Hear British TV Choirmaster Cover Death Grips

Gareth Malone, a British choirmaster and star of the reality TV series The Choir, will release Voices this year and it includes an ecclesiastical cover of Death Grips’ “Guillotine.” This is not a test, people. We are not being trolled, this is totally real, and Malone has unveiled the cascading cover as a preview of what’s to come from the album, which will also include songs by Bach and Handel and arrangements from Glee. Again, this is not a drill, guys. But, you know? I would not be mad at all if this was just another form of Death Grips performance art, despite the fact that the band has seemingly ditched their no-show policy after showing up at FYF this weekend. Listen to the hymnal “Guillotine” cover below.

(via The Independent)

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