Baroness – “March To The Sea” Live Video

As great as a showy music video can be, sometimes it’s far more satisfying to see live footage. You’ll realize that that goes double — fuck it, triple — in the case of this new live video by the recently recovered Baroness. It opens with the massive crowd chanting “Welcome Back” as frontman John Baizley looks out happily over the crowd before they start tearing through “March To The Sea.” It’s a little over a year after Baroness had their severe bus accident (detailed here in our interview with Baizley), but they’ve gradually begun playing shows again. It’s devastating when tragedy affect artists we love and I always think back about Brainiac falling apart right before their big break when their lead singer was killed in a car accident. We’re really lucky to have Baroness back. This video reinforces that, watch it below.

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