Throwing Muses – “sleepwalking-1″

The Boston trio Throwing Muses were one of the great underrated college-rock bands of the ’80s and early ’90s, and when they broke up in 1997, frontwoman Kirstin Hersh went on to an even-more-underrated solo career. (If you’ve never heard her Hips & Makers, seriously, do yourself a favor.) The band got back together and released a self-titled album in 2003, but they haven’t put out any new records since then. But this fall, they’re release their new thing Purgatory/Paradise, a 32-song CD that’s being packaged with an art book. Drummer Dave Narcizo designed the book, and it’s got lyrics, photos, and writing from Hersh. The band has shared an early track called “sleepwalking-1,” and it’s exactly the sort of uncanny, time-bending, tough-to-define jam that the band once cranked out regularly. The prospect of 32 songs like this one is pretty exciting! Check it out below.

Purgatory/Paradise is out 11/11 on the HarperCollins imprint It Books.