Still Corners – “Fireflies” Video

Earlier this year, the London synthpop duo Still Corners gave us their utterly gorgeous and winning young-love-in-the-roller-rink video for “Berlin Lovers,” one of the songs from their new album Strange Pleasures. And now they’ve made another video for a song from Strange Pleasures, returning to the landscape (Oregon) and the director (Christian Sorensen Hansen) who helped make that “Berlin Lovers” video so special. This time around, it’s “Fireflies,” which isn’t an Owl City cover, don’t worry. In the video, the two members of the group, playing young lovers themselves, amble through what looks like a series of mid-’80s TV commercials, with desert dunes and glimmering swimming pools and sun-dazed motorcycle rides captured as glamorously as possible. Check it out below.

(via Vogue)

Strange Pleasures is out now on Sub Pop.