Lonnie Holley – “From The Other Side Of The Pulpit” (Feat. Bradford Cox & Cole Alexander)

Lonnie Holley is a 63-year-old visual artist from Birmingham, Alabama, and he’s been a part of the so-called outsider art world for more than 30 years. Late last year, he released Just Before Music, his debut album, and next month he’ll follow it up with the sophomore LP Keeping A Record Of It. Holley has an untrained, atonal, full-throated bellow of a voice, a weirdly impressive thing, and on the 13-minute song “From The Other Side Of The Pulpit,” he enlists help from Deerhunter/Atlas Sound leader Bradford Cox and the Black Lips frontman Cole Alexander. The two make an undulating, endless rhythmic wiggle while Holley wails all over it. My wife, upon walking into the office while this was playing: “What is this? Muppet gamelan?” Listen for yourself below.

(via Pitchfork)

Keeping A Record Of It is out 9/3 on Dust To Digital.