Trent Gets Math, Mashed

The Big-banged, Cash-covering (?) Spin coverboy is answering fan questions at Here’s a winner:

Actually, some of the Q&A is enlightening. Regarding the lack of booklet with the new CD, Trent explains:

CDs are dead. CDs are also an ugly, aesthetically unpleasant means of delivering data … When the time came to design the package for the With Teeth, I was unhappy with the limited “practical” choices available with the physical package. I also felt that it was unfair to those that purchased the music online. I wanted an experience that felt appropriate for the music and design. One that had an element of discovery to it and one that also said “fuck you” to aging and outdated convention. (When’s the last time you were really impressed with a CD package, honestly?)

Read his whole response here.

You can still stream With Teeth album here and if you’re feeling adventurous download the 70MB multi-track audio session (.sit) for “The Hand That Feeds.” If you’ve got GarageBand, you can make cool remixes like these:

  • TimG – “Bloc Of Nails (NIN Vs Bloc Party)” (MP3)
  • Team 9 – “Love Theme Hand Dance (NIN Vs Flashdance Theme)” (MP3)
  • DJ Tripp – “The Time That Feeds (NIN Vs Benny Benassi)” (MP3)
  • Nathan Chase – “The Ghost That Feeds (NIN Vs Ray Parker Jr.)” (MP3)
  • Nathan Chase – “Toxic Trent (NIN Vs Britney)” (MP3)

    Heard any other good ones? Post links in the comments.

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