Paulatics (And Steve Perry Hearts Ben Gibbard)

Did you see ABC’s Fallen Idol special? It had JAW-DROPPING reveleations about one of the judges of Americal Idol.

Randy Jackson played bass on Steve’s bathetic ’84 solo jawn “Foolish Heart.” Did not realize, dawg. Shit is bananas.

Steve Perry hasn’t updated his blog in a few weeks, but here’s his latest Letter Of Truth:

Q: Is there any truth to the new rumor that you and the band are getting back together this summer when Journey is on the road ?
A: No, there is NO truth to that rumor. As of May 8, 1998, I’m no longer legally a member of Journey. The band may be jamming this summer with “X” members, but I will not be one of them.

Q: What music do you enjoy listening to? I heard you were a fan of Outkast and was wondering if that is true.
A: Yes, last year when I first heard Outkast I knew that this was going to go all the way. I now like to listen to Keane, Diana Krall, The Postal Service, Florida Inc. and some re-mixers like Thunder Puss 2000 and some new downloadable groups.

Q: Do you watch American Idol? Has Randy ever asked you to be a guest host?
A: No, I don’t watch it, and he hasn’t asked me to be a host, but he left me a message after the WOF Hollywood Star thing. Thanks for bringing him up cause I owe him a call.

If your iPod’s not embarrassing enough, load up at Perryville. Postal Service should totally cover “Faithfully” all sincere-like

For sordid details about Paul Abdul’s seduction of Corey Clark, check Daily News’ recap.

Still waiting on an MP3 of “Paulatics.” Corey’s quite the poet…

“Your possibilities have gone to the top/ And if you breathe a word you will be dropped/ Your personality at first seemed to be so sweet/ But then I saw the you that they’ll never show on TV.”