The Dirtbombs – “Girl On The Carousel”

The next album from the veteran Detroit garage punks the Dirtbombs is called Ooey Chewy Gooey Ka-Blooey, and it’s an album-length tribute to ’70s bubblegum pop. This would seem like a weird, trolly left-field move if you didn’t already knew that the Dirtbombs only ever make weird left-field moves, or if you didn’t realize how fucking badass so much ’70s bubblegum pop was. We already posted “Crazy For You,” the first of the album’s songs that the band shared, and now we’re sharing the lovely and flute-bedecked “Girl On The Carousel,” which comes closer to a Monkees ballad than these longtime hardasses should logically be able to come. Listen below.

Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-Blooey is out 9/17 on In The Red.