Vattnet Viskar – “Breath Of The Almighty” Video

I’ve already written a whole lot about New Hampshire post-black metal band Vattnet Viskar’s debut album, Sky Swallower, here and here and elsewhere; I think it’s a great album, and a fucking remarkable debut, and I don’t know what else to say. It dropped earlier this week to uniformly enthusiastic praise (inexplicably it’s nowhere to be found on Metacritic — damn you, lamestream media and your anti-metal bias! — but I’m guessing it’d average somewhere in the mid-80s). Today the band released a video for the album’s gargantuan centerpiece, “Breath Of The Almighty.” Directed by Josh Graham — who served a crucial role as Neurosis’s visual and graphics artist for many years, and who also directed the new Soundgarden vid — the clip nicely reflects the qualities of music: extreme contrasts; towering scope; infinite space. Check it out.

Sky Swallower is out now via Century Media.