New Verve – “I See Houses” (Stereogum Premiere)

“How many lives will I waste / how many tears will I taste / before my freedom?” Those are the big questions in “I See Houses,” a track from the Verve’s forthcoming Forth. Much like “Sit And Wonder,” which we’ve heard in live and recorded forms, it finds Richard Ashcroft in a ponderous mode, though “I See Houses”‘s ruminations arrive via mellower sounds. Add “I See Houses” (where, it ought to be noted, he also sees blood red sunsets and mountains) to comeback single “Love Is Noise” and you should have a pretty good sense of what to expect from the collection at this point.

To give you some context, “I See Houses” shows up following the downcast “Numbness” and before “Noise Epic,” which isn’t noisy though it is epic. Anyhow, as evidenced by Oasis’ “Falling Down,” old Brit Rockers don’t die, they just keep writing songs. Your move Noël Coward.

Forth is out on the Verve’s own On Our Own 8/26 in the US via Megaforce/RED and internationally 8/25 via EMI.

[Photo of the Verve @ Coachella 2008]

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