Watch Yuck Cover New Order’s “Age Of Consent”

Frontman Daniel Blumberg quit the British fuzz-rock band Yuck earlier this year, but the band has soldiered on without him, and they might be even better now that he’s gone. The band’s new album Glow & Behold is on the way, and the two new songs we’ve heard from it, “Rebirth” and “Middle Sea,” are both awesome. You’ll find further evidence of the band’s continuing badassery in the video below. During a live session at London’s RAK Studio with director Michael Lawrence (and with new guitarist Ed Hayes on hand), the band covered New Order’s classic “Age Of Consent.” New Order’s clean and precise synth hooks sure sound different when played on bleary, overdriven guitars, but they still sound amazing. Watch it below.

Glow & Behold is out 10/1 on Fat Possum/Pharmacy, and this whole thing is making me wish Girls had kept going after Christopher Owens left.

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