Stream Kal Marks Life Is Murder (Stereogum Premiere)

A while back we heard Kal Marks’ “Life Is Murder,” the title track off their upcoming album. Now you can stream the entire record below, and there’s unsurprisingly a lot of great tracks that weren’t released as singles. In fact that title track, coming right in the middle, makes even more sense in the full context of the record. This is an album built from slow-burning songs that work really well at bumming you out before growing into anthems, and it’s all supported by frontman Carl Shane and his knotty, twisted, but charismatic voice. Shane can carry so much frustration and despair, but still doesn’t shy away from getting in the occasional funny lyric. The exception there comes near the end with the massive, fiery instrumental, “The Fucking Ocean,” which appropriately sets up “Out In The Deep,” a weary-then-triumphant closer. Check it out below and look for the album next week.

Life Is Murder is out 9/17 on Sophomore Lounge/Midnight Werewolf/Exploding In Sound

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