Download Speedy Ortiz’s Animal Style Mixtape

Speedy Ortiz have just released an animal-themed mixtape of songs which they say is, “about gettin’ buckwild idlewyld doggies et al. Ani and the maux. The animaux.” That sounds pretty confusing, but who cares when it’s a mixtape that opens with a song from The Problem Solverz (definitely the only kids show to have an association with Load Records), and manages to jump seamlessly from Dr. Octagon to Syd Barrett to the Shaggs. Be sure to keep an ear out for an old track by Krill, and the perfect choice of closing track in “Fuffy,” by Ween. Listen while scanning the tracklist below.

01 The Problem Solverz – “Doghouse”
02 Sam Gas Can – “Life of a Dog”
03 Sparklehorse – “Pig”
04 Deerhoof – “Kidz Are So Small”
05 Wire – “I Am the Fly”
06 Krill – “Piranha Girl”
07 Hatebeak – “Bird Bites Dog Cries”
08 Dr. Octagon – “halfsharkalligatorhalfman”
09 Syd Barrett – “Octopus”
10 The Shaggs – “My Pal Foot Foot”
11 Chris Weisman – “Elephant In The Room”
12 Potty Mouth – “Dog Song”
13 Porches. – “Fog Dog”
14 Guided By Voices – “Chicken Blows”
15 Ween – “Fluffy”

Speedy Ortiz’s debut album Major Arcana is out now on Carpark.

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