Spoon In-Stores

Revenge of the Sith for catchy indie rock fanboys. Queue up early.
Tue 5/10 6pm @ Virgin Megastore, Union Square NYC
Wed 5/10 11th 7pm @ Amoeba Hollywood
Fri 5/10 13th 7pm @ Amoeba SF on Haight

And the obvs:
Thu 5/12 Craig Ferguson
Fri 5/13 Morning Becomes Eclectic

Yes that was “I Turn My Camera On” (MP3) on The O.C..

Here’s some cagey Q&A from this week’s Entertainment Weekly:

BRITT DANIEL: Um, I write the songs, so that’s me doing that, and then I bring them into the band and we decide how to play them.

EW: And what’s up with the Little Red Riding hood cover?

BRITT DANIEL: Well, you know, I don’t like to be too literal.

EW: Gotcha.

That was almost as awkward as his trip to Kim’s with Pitchfork! Stream some Fiction here. A list of more Spoon MP3s links can be found at Sixeyes.