Will Rap 4 $

I sure do love my Sony Ericsson T610 internet/camera phone. Though I got no T-Mobile service at Mt. Snow and had to resort to … reading a book! … now that I’m back in Manhattan I’m such a fucking geek with the camera phone. Later on, I’ll post my greatest pics, but for now enjoy this shot I just snapped outside the office. This fella is standing in front of the MTV Store wondering why no one wants to hear him rap:

Um, dude? I think you might wanna take another stab at that sign.

I’ve also been experimenting with ringtones. Coldplay’s “Clocks” was a total waste of 99 cents. The guitars just don’t translate. But yesterday I downloaded “Genius Of Love,” by Tom Tom Club and it’s perfectly suited for encoding as a polyphonic ring. When someone calls me, I let it play for 30 seconds just to show off.