Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Where were you when you first heard “Reflektor”? I was leaving The Westchester Mall, listening to a Bandcamp stream on my iPhone out of a car stereo. I remember it like it was six days ago. On Monday we saw Reflektor’s double album cover and learned the band would be playing the season premiere of SNL and experienced Vincent Morisset’s interactive video and viewed a Creators Project video and watched Anton Corbijn’s video. We reported on the band’s surprise show at a Montreal salsa club the next day and Stereogum’s new Senior Writer Chris shared his thoughts on the song. Not everybody was a fan of its massive marketing campaign, though: one Austin resident expressed his displeasure on Slate, and Win Butler wrote him an apology. Despite all the hype “Reflektor” was still the best song of the week. And now we’re staring at a screen. Reflect on the best and worst comments of the last seven days below.


#10 crania americana | Sep 6th Score:17

9/9 at 9? Are they taking album promotion tips from Herman Cain?

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James Lynch | Sep 10th Score:17

Because Win announced the title!

Indeed it was a once in a lifetime experience. Really exhausting too! (I’m the guy with the Reflektor shield).

Let’s just say my boss was jealous of me this morning.

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#8 johnnyfuckhead | Sep 6th Score:17

Has Joey Fatone’s Dad confirmed anything yet? This is some Foxboro hot tub shit right here, but this time I care.

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Matthew Marvin Lingo | Sep 6th Score:18

I think it’s a side project of The Suburbs. It’s their follow-up to the Grammy award winning album Arcade Fire

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#6 hugh verge | Sep 12th Score:18

Does Arcade Fire have a new album coming out or something?

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#5 crania americana | Sep 12th Score:18

Not surprising, given his history of vandalism. He still hasn’t apologized for starting that arcade fire.

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#4 juliocortazar | Sep 9th Score:19

I wonder how many people in Haiti have Google Chrome…

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#1 crania americana | Sep 9th Score:26

Alternate headline: Arcade Fire dickishly shove the fact that you have an old computer in your face.

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#5 timoneil5000 | Sep 11th Score:-11

Janelle Monae is still a thing. Some A&R man must have lost a bet to be stuck still flogging this dead horse. So unbelievably contrived on every level, completely repulsive in its commitment to pander to the prejudices of an otherwise intelligent music cognoscenti.

You’re better than this, ‘Gum.

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#4 jonian2008 | Sep 11th Score:-11

Thanks Stereogum for giving the album of the week to the label(Sony/BMG)paying for your ads. At least this time you’re not hiding it. As a long time Prince fan myself I have no idea why he would choose to help someone who is not worthy to carry his guitar pick. I guess he needs the money. Her and the 10 producers Sony paid for thank you Prince for trying to act like she’s a real artist and not just some prepackaged product.

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#3 nedjoyce | Sep 9th Score:-12

I actually reallllly like the song. But the video is pretentious and idiotic. I will take the Eminem Berzerk Video over this any day. At least that one is fun.

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Kevin Hukill | Sep 9th Score:-18

but the song is so dull i can’t be bothered to pay attention for even two minutes.

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#1 triangle | Sep 9th Score:-23

enough with this crappy band already.
fuck this normal people music.

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gogounou | Sep 7th Score:3

You could also just use the developer tools in your browser to spoof your location and emulate a mobile device. In Chrome: Ctrl-Shift-I; click the gear in lower right corner; then “Overrides;” set the Geolocation to one of those listed above; set the “User Agent” to iPhone 5…

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