Bars Of Gold – “Blue Lightning” (Stereogum Premiere)

Bars Of Gold may be born of Detroit scraggle rock roots, but their version of its grit harkens back to Cursive’s Such Blinding Stars For Starving Eyes than that of the Black Keys or White Stripes variety. But the story behind Wheels, their album where this track “Blue Lightning” appears, is far from standard, too. Back in 2010, their drummer moved four states away from the rest of the group, but instead of finding a replacement or calling it quits, they used unorthodox methods to get the songs written: “The [band] found various ways to get to practice once a month-ish. The band would all meet in the northern Pennsylvania, to a secluded cabin owned by [a member’s] family, in order to write songs. Song ideas were recorded & sent back & forth via the internet from one side of the time zone to the other. Skype accounts were abused.” Hear the fruits of that labor below.

Wheels is out 10/29 via Bellyache. Pre-order here.

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