Stream Wolvserpent Perigaea Antahkarana (Stereogum Premiere)

Boise, Idaho duo Wolvserpent play a doomy derivation of drone, not black metal, but even so, the band does warrant some comparisons to Cascadia’s finest USBM brands: Agalloch and (especially) the similarly lupine-monikered Wolves In The Throne Room. Like those bands, Wolvserpent deal in sky-spanning, marathon-length epics that are inspired by and invoke the American wilderness. Perigaea Antahkarana is Wolvserpent’s second full-length, following 2010’s two-song LP, Blood Seed (Side A: “Wolv”; side B: “Serpent”). At five tracks, Perigaea Antahkarana is comparatively infinite, especially considering that four of those five songs exceed the 16-minute mark, and the whole thing clocks in right around 82 minutes total. But Wolvserpent fill that oceanic space with life, letting tracks build slowly, from nothing, hypnotically, so that you almost don’t realize you’ve been transported from placid ambience to furious blast. And it really is transporting. Today, we’ve got Perigaea Antahkarana for you to stream in full. You have my word: I would not ask you to spend almost an hour and a half of your life on a drone record if it wasn’t fantastic. This one is really fucking fantastic. Listen.

Perigea Antahkarana is out 9/17 via Relapse.

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