Laura Marling – “Devil’s Resting Place” Video

We named Laura Marling’s Once I Was An Eagle one of our Top 25 Albums Of 2013 So Far, and yesterday, the 23-year-old British songstress released a new video for the track “Devil’s Resting Place,” directed by Fred Scott and Nick Davies. In the video, a woman in Victorian garb wanders through the woods before returning to her spooky mansion a la Wuthering Heights, as Marling sings: “When you come to call on me that’s why my eyes are glazed/ I’ve been with the devil in the devil’s resting place.” The devil inevitably comes to call, sporting a wide-brimmed black hat and an evil bird tattoo above his left thumb. As we already know, Laura Marling is super into interpretive dance, and this video boasts some pretty violent solo-dancing that climaxes in back-bending levitation. It’s indicative of either an exorcism or an orgasm — up to you. Watch below.

Once I Was An Eagle is out now via Ribbon Music.