Peter Saville Is Designing A Logo For Kanye

For someone who clearly thinks so much about design, Kanye West hasn’t always had the best taste in design; think, for example, of the godawful-ugly art that KAWS did for 808s & Heartbreaks. So consider this a positive development: Kanye has now linked with Peter Saville, arguably the greatest designer in rock history. We don’t know if anything will come of it, but it’s a smart move.

Saville is known for the cold, minimalist work he did for Factory Records, including the iconic sleeve designs for Joy Division and New Order records, which makes a good fit for Kanye’s recent cold, grinding sound. And Dezeen reports that Saville is now working on “a visual identity” for Kanye.

At London’s Global Design Forum last night, Saville talked a bit about his work with the great music journalist Paul Morley: “We’re looking at ways of writing ‘Kanye West.’ What does ‘Kanye’ and ‘Kanye West’ look like written down?… It’s very casual.” That’s not much to go on, but it’s at least evidence that Kanye’s been spending some time thinking about Joy Division lately.