Tegan And Sara – “Goodbye, Goodbye” Video

Tegan And Sara have premiered the music video for their song “Goodbye, Goodbye” off of this year’s Heartthrob. The video is a three and a half minute exploration of the myriad ways you can rid yourself of a terrible ex in the 21st century — none of which involve speaking face-to-face. Sara said the following about the song and accompanying video directed by Natalie Rae Robinson:

“Goodbye, Goodbye” is a sound off about rejection and the empowerment of shutting someone out after a break-up, but it’s also an acknowledgement of the distorted nature of intimacy that comes from communicating complex emotions through a cell phone or email. In a way we learn more about ourselves than each other when we interact this way. Our phones and computers are just mirrors for us to reflect again and again.

Watch it below.

UPDATE: The Quins have also teamed up with YouTube.com/ThePetCollective to recreate with “Closer” with dogs. You know you wanna watch that, too: