New Cure – “Without You”

Two days ago it was the 13th — the last 13th implicated in the Cure’s rollout for their 13th LP (aside from 10/13, which is when the thing actually comes out). As has been unavoidably, exhaustively discussed here, there’s been four pre-release singles (and b-sides) from the album these past four months and I would be losing my mind typing that sentence AGAIN, except they clearly saved the best for last. 8/13’s a-side, “The Perfect Boy,” felt as close to classic Cure pop as I’ve heard in years, and that track’s b-side isn’t far off. There’s some sitar, but worry not, it’s for embellishment and not for a move toward raga rock. “Without You”‘s more of an easy strummer, Robert finding some sort of peace in a relationship stalemate: “the best thing to do is for me to go my way,” of course, and to go glissando with that voice, heading high, and happy.

If they’re dropping tracks that play this effortlessly via b-side, either the next album will be pretty great or they need a new person to be picking their album tracks and b-sides. The Cure’s next LP is out 10/13. “Without You” won’t appear on it, but we’ve heard four so far that will.

[Photo from the Cure @ Sasquatch ’08 by Chona Kasinger]

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