Preview Zane Lowe’s Interview With Kanye West, The #1 Rock Star On The Planet

Here’s a Kanye West line from last year: “Don’t do no press, but I get the most press, kid.” That was true! Other than a New York Times interview with Jon Caramanica earlier this year, Kanye has done basically no press interviews in the past few years. In fact, he rarely does any interviews at all, which is a shame, because he’s so good at them. (There was the Kris Jenner thing, but let’s all agree to forget about that.) Kanye did, however, just sit down for an extended conversation with the BBC Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe, and the interview will run in four parts next week. In the video below, you can catch a quick preview, including Kanye calling himself the “#1 rock star on the planet” and staring Lowe down hard as he says it. I’m inclined to agree, but you guys already knew that.

(via Consequence Of Sound)

The interview will run all next week, each part starting at 7PM British time (or 2PM EST), starting on Monday, on BBC Radio 1.