Giant Drag – “90210” Video

I remember hearing Giant Drag’s single “Kevin Is Gay” when I was 13 and thinking it was the coolest, most taboo song ever — so it is with great adolescent pain that I write: R.I.P. Giant Drag. Singer/Lyricist Annie Hardy has fronted the group since 2003, and this year, she announced that Giant Drag would embark on a farewell tour partially funded by IndieGogo. Last week, Hardy posted a video for the song “90210” from the self-released sophomore album Waking Up Is Hard To Do, and although the aesthetic definitely fits into her DIY outlook, the video was definitely recorded in the Photo Booth application on a MacBook. Hardy has always been really, really good at writing catchy bummer-pop songs, and “90210” is no exception. Giant Drag will play their final show tomorrow night in London. Check out the video for “90210” below.

Waking Up Is Hard To Do is out now via Full Psycho Records.

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