Foals – “Out Of The Woods” Video

Since the release of Holy Fire this February, British rockers Foals have now released videos for five of their new songs, the most recent being “Out Of The Woods.” From the grungy, head-banging first single “Inhaler“, released last October, to the shocking, slightly disturbing scenes of a sleazy European hotel in “Late Night,” Foals’ videos have earned a NSFW reputation, in the best way possible. “Out Of The Woods” is surprisingly tame in comparison; while the majority of the video focuses on a thin, fearful looking woman in a dimly lit apartment, straight out of a Gaspar Noe film, it comes to an eerie conclusion as we see the source of her fear. Lead singer Yannis Philippakis reiterates the song’s creepiness as he moodily cries out “I’ll never be afraid again now I’m out of here for good,” while the pauses are filled with a tribal yet ethereal beat. Check out the video below.

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