Everybody Loves Coldplay

Coldplay played BAM tonight for VH1’s Storytellers series. The band was eager to please and the packed house ate it up. Setlist…

  • “Square One”
  • “Politik”
  • “Yellow”
  • “Speed Of Sound”
  • “Warning Sign”
  • “Clocks”
  • “The Scientist”
  • “In My Place”
  • “Fix You”
  • “Till Kingdom Come”
  • “Clocks” Take 2
Some stories…

“Yellow” title was inspired by the Yellow Pages (“In an alternative universe this song would be called Playboy“) … “Speed Of Sound” was an attempt to rip-off Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” … Will initially thought “Clocks” was rubbish … “Till Kingdom Come” was written for Johnny Cash … Chris enjoys Magnolia bakery and fair trade.

No Gwynnie tonight. Perhaps tomorrow, for the $1500 (!) ticket holders.


  • O.C. buzz for “Fix You”
  • Formula for “Speed Of Sound”
  • Theories about X&Y cover