Watch Atoms For Peace On The Daily Show

Between South Park, The Colbert Report, and last night’s episode of The Daily Show, there’s a reasonable chance that Thom Yorke has spent more time on Comedy Central than on any other American television network. Last night, Atoms For Peace were Jon Stewart’s guests on The Daily Show. During the interview segment, Yorke and Flea talked to Stewart, which was cool (if not exactly joke-intensive) because Flea so rarely acts as one of that band’s speakers. The band also played a couple of songs. On the show proper, they did “Default,” one of the highlights from their earlier-this-year debut album Amok. And as an online bonus, they also did “Harrowdown Hill,” from Yorke’s solo album The Eraser. And even though The Daily Show doesn’t exactly host live performances very often, their sound-system game is on point; those songs sounded awesome. Watch the interview and both performances below.

Amok is out now on XL, and now you can also buy the band’s crazy-expensive jigsaw puzzle.