Centro-matic – “Christmas 83 (Make Fun Of My Sweaters)”

This week’s Drop comes from Texas indie rockers Centro-matic. The previously unreleased wintry tune was produced by the band and Matt Pence during sessions for double-LP Dual Hawks, which is composed of half Centro-matic songs and half South San Gabriel songs. Both bands are led by songwriter Will Johnson, who answered our questions about wrapping gifts and donning gay apparel.

This is a bleak look at the holidays. What inspired it?
Something about that Christmas was just a little, uh, drab. I remember a particularly attitude-stocked high school kid working at the wrapping table in the local mall. He was almost like a movie character or something. I had to put him in a song.

In general, was ’83 a particularly chilly emotional holiday season?
Yeah, somewhat. It was the first Christmas my Ma and I spent away from our hometown and family in Missouri. We moved to Texas earlier that year. I was young, and I guess a little homesick.

What’s the significant of the sweaters?
I had a real thick wool, very constricting, cabled grey sweater I was wearing around that time. I’m not sure why I chose to wear it so much. It looked just as uncomfortable as it felt. Maybe I thought I could somehow break it in to a comfort zone. Or maybe I’m just addicted to strife. Anyway, the memorable discomfort of that sweater is part of what inspired the song.


Dual Hawks is out now on Misra.

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