New Peter Bjorn & John – “Inland Empire”

Since taking prime time television with that ubiquitously whistled Asian Riff, PB&J have found plenty of ways to stay busy, teaming up with cool-questing Kanye in Sweden, Peter offering a turn as downcast troubadour, and so many et ceteras. Still, it’s been awhile since Writer’s Block. And it’ll be awhile more before we get a proper pop follow-up from the Swedes. There is a stop gap though, via the forthcoming (mostly) instrumental album they’ve titled Seaside Rock. From the sound of the first single, “Inland Empire” (see also) — and befitting the “see also” — it’s gonna be dark, saxy, and sexy.

Peter Bjorn & John – “Inland Empire” (MP3)

That comes via P4K, who also have a PB&J-penned press release which explains the new album’s duskier sounds in flip fashion. Seaside Rock is out in the US on 9/23 via Almost Gold / Star Time International.

[Bass drum photo from ACL ’07]