Beach House Should Play In Black Cabs More Often

On their recent swing through Europe, Alex and Victoria seem to have partaken freely of all local cultures and their relevant web-friendly music features. To wit: The Baltimore duo accepted the challenge of writing and recording an original piece of music for the Norwegian show Lydverket a few months ago, to very pretty albeit typically sepia-tinged results. Sorta to wit: I imagine they were in Paris, and I’m sure we’ll have something to La Blogabout shortly, there. Today’s to wit: a web bonus from their time in London. It is not new Beach House per se (the song is the preexisting and lovely “Heart Of Chambers“), but the environs are relatively novel (not sick of these Black Cab things yet, right?), and the organ and reverb free arrangement of the track even more so. There’s a guitar and a drum, and in this stripped, acoustic environment Victoria sounds less ethereal, and entirely more earthy — and that little bit of vocal husk does the song good.

(via P4K)

Hearing serious possibilities for whenever Beach House decide they’re over their dreamy side. Pretty exciting, actually. Although, as our devotion to their last record suggests, there need be no rush on that front.