Liars – “Mr Your On Fire Mr (Saint Laurent PFW SS14 Remix)”

Context is strange sometimes. The Liars album They Threw Us All In A Trench And Stuck A Monument On Top put them in the fore-front of the burgeoning dance-punk scene over a decade ago. It was a promising start for a promising music scene that they quickly abandoned to everyone’s frustration. Smart move though — dance-punk evaporated, along with most of the bands that stuck with it and Liars went on to better and braver things. It’s still a fun album though, and it’s nice to see that Liars frontman, Angus Andrew, has revisited one of its best tracks (for a Fashion Week runway show) in a way more in tune with bands current style. “Mr. Your On Fire Mr.” was originally a party compressed into a barely two minute rush, but here Andrew has stretched the track to roughly nine times that length. The song was dance-y enough to begin with, but this 19-minute remix just goes and goes and it’s pretty thrilling. Listen below.

Liars most recent WIXIW is out on Mute.

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