Coldplay, Lindsay Lohan, The Fate Of Marissa Cooper

Jason has some thoughts about Tuesday’s much maligned Colplay gig for AOLMusic. I’m told the host also made a joke about Apple (no one jokes about Apple!). J notes that Chris Martin rips off Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind” on the “Fix You” verses. I hear it, but of course it’s is the oldest hook in the book. Gwen and Rivers know what I’m talking ’bout. Hear how Divide & Kreate expertly mash the descending vocal scales from their recent hits:

Divide & Kreate – “Waiting For My Hash Pipe (Weezer VS Gwen Stefani)” (MP3)

Still need an MP3 of “Fix You” without Seth Cohen in the background! C’mon people, you know where to reach me. (Last night’s O.C. finale … so much drama. Are you paying attention Federlines?)

And speaking of Coldplay, they’ll be on SNL’s finale this Saturday with host Lindsay Lohan. Mark wants to know why is using such an old promo pic (below). Don’t worry about Lindsay though. I’m sure Tina and Amy will fix her.

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